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Pureact I-78

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Green Product
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Pureact I-78 is a mild surfactant specifically designed for use in personal cleansing products. Pureact I-78 is high foaming, nearly salt-free and is resistant to hard and salt water. It is compatible with soap and gives excellent lime-soap dispersibility in order to retard the formation of scum in bar soaps. Pureact I-78C has limited solubility in soft and hard water. It is optimally stable in aqueous formulations from pH 6-8 at ambient temperature. Pureact I-78C is naturally derived from coconut and is considered ‘readily biodegradable’ according to OECD Guidelines. Pureact I-78 is used in “combo bar” applications at levels of 2 – 60% to provide lathering in hard or soft water similar to soaps in soft water. Its dense lather is additive to that of soap. The properties of Pureact I-78 also make it an excellent cleansing agent for shampoos. Besides compatibility with hard water, good cleaning properties, and excellent lathering, Pureact I-78 imparts softness and manageability to hair.

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